​     C.A.T.



Dear Principal:__________________________

A few weeks ago a letter was sent out to announce that all South Dakota students will be participating in a field test of the Smarter Balanced Assessment,  or SBAC; a test aligned with the Common Core Standards imposed on all schools in South Dakota this year. The letter implied that to do so is an honor or a privilege. Quoting the letter: "it is an opportunity to test to the test". I/we do NOT want to take advantage of this "opportunity".

I/we refuse to allow my/our child/children to be used for this research conducted for the benefit of the testing consortium. Please provide other productive work and activities for: Name__________________________________________________________

in lieu of test preparation and the time spent taking the test.

I/we expect NO repercussions or penalties for my/our child/children because of this demand.

An announcement letter is not the equivalent of informed consent. Parents have been given insufficient information about the nature of the research and how a computer adaptive test interacts with the child.

This experimental test will have NO affect on my/our child's/children's grade, but information specific to each child will be gathered and retained. Students. parents, teachers, principals, schools, and even the state will see none of the results. Now they are saying that we might see it, but I think it's to appease the complaints.  This is not acceptable!

Parents are the primary authority and advocate for their children; they alone have the vested interest of their children at heart.

Parents are qualified to make decisions on behalf of their children, and the have every right and responsibility to object to what they believe to be unreasonable.

Thank you for your cooperation in the best interest of the child or children listed above. Please confirm immediately in writing that you will honor this decision.


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